How to Wash Your Face

                                                           HOW TO WASH YOUR FACE

Yes,  washing your face is very important and it is best done at the end of each day. It is important to remove makeup, dirt, sweat, and whatever else that might accumulate on your face after a long day of exposure to your environment
  • The first step to washing your face is to start with clean hands.
  • Then remove any makeup with Makeup Remover Pads.
  • Next, splash clean warm water on your face to moisten it. Using water that is too hot can irritate your skin.
  • If using a quality facial cleanser, like Patricia Allison's French Strawberry Creme Cleanser, apply a dollop (about 1/2 tsp) and give your face and neck a gentle massage for a minute with your finger tips.
  • Splash your face again with that clean warm water to give it a good rinse.
  • Pat your face dry with a cotton towel.  Do not rub your face, as this is too harsh, and do not use tissue as the fibers can damage the skin.
  • Follow up with VitaBalm and then our Vita Magic Night Creme.

You are now ready for a good nights rest.  Sweet dreams!

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