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September a month to:


September is a great time of year to:

  • Harvest your garden and prepare your garden bed for winter
  • If you did not have a garden this year, or need to supplement it like I do, visit a farm that will let you pick fresh vegetables right out of the field.
  • In your house and closet: go through your summer clothes and bedding and exchange it for fall/ winter clothes and bedding. I took off my summer bedspread and exchanged it for my warm, cozy winter one just this past week.
  • Inspect your bird feeders. Are they still in good enough shape to take on ourfurry flying friendsand their winter appetite? If not, consider repairing or replacing it.
  • Stock up onbath oilfor those long soaks in the tub you know you are going to want to take when the weather starts to get colder

​Sun safety week: protection beyond sunscreen:

June 1-8 is sun safety week. In honor of that I am blogging this week about sun safety. Earlier this week I blogged about sunscreen: how and when to use it. Today I am going to blog about some other sun safety tips that go beyond the sunscreen. (I will assume that you already have your sunscreen on and [...]

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Sun Safety Week: Choosing the Best Sunscreen

June 1-8 is sun safety week. In honor of that I am blogging this week about sun safety. In previous blogs this week I have blogged about sunscreen: how and when to use it. I also did a blog this week about other sun safety tips that go beyond sunscreen. Today I am blogging about choosing the right kind [...]

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Sun Safety Week: Sunscreen and How to Use

June 1-8 is sun safety week. In honor of that I am going to blog this week about sun safety. Why is sun safety so important? Our complexion is influenced by our environment, and a big part of our environment is the uv rays that the sun puts out.I am always stressing to wash [...]

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Hug Your Cat Day

The last Friday in May is officially Hug Your Cat Day. Well, some cats might literally enjoy a hug - but most probably will not appreciate it. So be careful hugging your cat!Weather you literally hug your cat today or not, the sentiment is right. Cats, like all pets, do need someone to care for [...]

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The Product That Got Me Hooked

Hi folks! I just started blogging again, so these posts are about the Patricia Allison Beauty company and why I am blogging in the first place. This is a continuing blog, so if you want to know a little more, read past blogs labeled "company" and stay tuned for more.The first Patricia Allison Beauty product [...]

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A Cruelty Free Company

#2Patricia Allison loved animal very much and did not want to use animal products in her formulas, nor have her products tested on animal. When she used animal products they were limited to lanolin, honey and beeswax, none of which harm animals. So she used real people, her customers, to test these products on. Along with having a salon [...]

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Allergy Awareness

It is food allergy awareness week. Over 50 million Americans have allergies. Some to food. Sometimes you might not even realize that you have an allergy.I have a friend who was diagnosed in her 60's as being celiac. My niece was a straight "A" student in high school, on her way to a scholarship, but [...]

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Be Kind To Animals

It is Be Kind To Animals Week:Patricia Allison Beauty is all about being kind to animals. We have been a cruelty free company since it founding, 54 years ago. That makes Patricia Allison Beauty one of the very first cruelty free cosmetic companies. So we are not just jumping on the band wagon. From the [...]

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Choose Privacy

This is Choose Privacy Week and I thought I would take the opportunity to share a bit about the Patricia Allison Beauty privacy policy.  You can view our privacy notice on this website following the link.A few other things that we do secure your privacy: Patricia Allison Beauty does not have a physical store. We [...]

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